From early on in my pro career I have always had an interest and fortunately an opportunity to design the boards I rode. From the artwork to the technologies and construction techniques, the very essence of my boards has been about creating a medium that expresses personality.

Slash is a platform dedicated to progression, individuality and standards. Through Slash we facilitate the highest demands of quality through a quiver of boards designed for a variety of conditions

1997 I got involved with board development and was able to follow my dream as a professional rider since. 15 years into the industry has allowed me to create SLASH Snowboards.

Accomplishments since the founding of Slash in 2012: ATV Good Wood Mens All Mountain 2013, 2nd Place Supernatural 2013, Magazine exposure Meter Champion 2012/13, 1st Place Ultranatural 2014, Straight Good Wood Mens All Mountain 2014, Transworld Riders Poll Standout Performance Award and Rider of the Year 2014 Award, 1st Place Snowboarder Top Ten Riders of the Year 2014 and Videopart of the Year 2014, ATV Platinium Pick 2014, Exposure Meter Champion 2013/14, Aurora Platinium Pick 2015, Exposure Meter Champion 2014/15, Happy Place Good Wood Men’s Park 2016, Brainstorm Good Wood Men’s All Mountain 2017, Happy Place Women’s All Mountain 2017.

Gigi Rüf


The SLASH has a natural presence in snowboarding. It is elementary to a skillful approach. It is to navigate with power and style. Here the laws of nature rule in the action of the riders.

A Tribe Called Slash


The tribe is a distinct people dependent on snow and mountains for their livelihood. They are dedicated to the pursuit and culture of snowboarding. They are a tribe of their own.

Jay Hergert USA

Andy Glader USA

Greg Bretz USA

Casey Mitchell USA

Carson Wiser USA

Autumn Inouye USA

Tosh Robinson USA

Livia Molodyh USA

Brooks Finlinson USA

Colin Whelan USA

Jordon Frager USA

Kevin Holmes USA

Geoff Brown Canada

Manuel Diaz Chile

Gigi Rüf EU

Anthony Holland EU

Adi Maddocks EU

Séb Méténier EU

Simon Holzi EU

David Loibl EU

Roli Tschoder EU

Shogo Takai Japan

Yuta Kobayashi Japan

Will Jackways Japan

Benji Ewens New Zealand