22/23 ATV Graphic Designer: Aimee Twotma

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How exactly did you & Marcus collaborate?
Marcus and I met on Instagram, I found his page and got a big crush on his creative style and his daily life moves. After a few fun words on the chat, we very quickly started to play games with our common obsession – non-stop painting from rising sun to fall – as he would call “corpses”, or “cadavres exquis” in French. He would make a few drawings, ship them to me, I would do the same on my side. We would receive each other’s pieces: me, his psychedelic colour; him, my narrative black and white, then we would paint on each other’s lines. It turned out both our styles were matching greatly. The result always came out very surprising and full of hidden little stories we had no idea we would invent. Such a fresh game!

Talk to us about the graphic and what it means.
At the time of the collab I was mostly drawing faces, soft ones, calm ones, revealing a peaceful yet tense and passionate mood. 

The drawing means everything you want to see in it. I like to make people work on their imagination and make up their own translation of it. 

How would you describe your art in general?
Today, my art is much more fun and absurd, focusing less on the aesthetics than on the entertainment of it. When I collaborated with Marcus, it was a much more romantic, maybe, I would say, contemplative and eventually sadder period of my life. Time has passed a bit, I slowly slid my style to something not so serious, not so demanding, a line that doesn’t need to have anyone’s approval as much as it used to. I have involved words into my work, my characters felt the need to express jokes or silly situations full of nonsense. I am also now working with colours. I am having more and more fun with my art, that will never stop changing with life’s encounters. 

What work have you done in the snowboard/action sports world before?
Nothing before! The snowboard collab with Marcus was the first step and got me absolutely thrilled! Really looking forward to making more!!

Where can we find your work?
My Insta (watch out…I am very talkative on there) https://www.instagram.com/twotma/ and my online shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/twotma/?etsrc=sdt

Where will you hang your snowboard?
As a roof top for my bike!


Gigi, how did you come across Marcus & Twotma?
That’s not too long ago, maybe a year and a half.

What was your brief to them?
I told Marcus I wanted to have him make me my most important board graphic; then I asked if he was down. It would be for the new Slash ATV that I shaped for Slash’s 10-year anniversary – given this is going to be the one I will ride the most. Very much drawn to his colour palette, mostly consisting of blue, white, red, yellow, and green. Simple as that. I wanted it because of his drawings being so intuitively carefree like when gazing at clouds in the sky. I’ve worked with many artists and it’s important to me to add that facet to complete a product. It’s too important of a chance. In fact, it is to partake in what the lifestyle of snowboarding always has presented me with – it doesn’t matter how good you are as an athlete in this industry, you sure have a talent of some sort that will keep this train on the tracks. As long as we include talents like you playing your favourite instrument, we are good.

This colourway runs through your 686, Union, and Dragon lines… please explain your thinking behind the colour palette.
Well because I am granted the chance to endorse my own product, I make sure it fits to a tight looking kit. This year came down to my favourite colour; cold blue.