Slash Present Future Happy Place Snowboard 2020/21

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Happy Place – true twin park snowboard

With graphic artwork from prolific music video artist, Ruff Mercy – this is our go-to playful park stick. Its Camrock profile allows the stability and control of positive camber between the feet and rocker rise in the tips aid flexed presses, butters and less edge catch.

Weighing in at medium flex, The Happy Place is loaded with a bi-axial fibreglass layup that’s enhanced by Sweet Spots carbon fibre stringers laid from the bindings to the contact points for enhanced edge control and amplified ollies. A progressive sidecut and true twin shape means you’ll take on features consistently whether riding regular or switch. Built using the finest poplar wood with beech Hardwood stringers along the inserts maximises binding power transfer.


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CamRock features a loaded camber section between the feet with a small flat section underfoot and rockered tips. The camber section maintains stability between the feet, while the flat areas underfoot let you load up ollies and the rockered tips offer forgiveness. This creates a very playful, easy turning board.




    Two carbon fiber stringers stretching outward from the inserts to the contact points in both the tip and the tail. Like prongs sticking outward these additives feel out rough terrain, promote pop, generate stronger edge hold and create a more playful ride.


    Triax fiberglass is the time-tested classic. It features a three-way weave of premium fibers with strands running at 45-degree angles. It provides superior pop, consistent torsional flex, and more overall response.


    Arranged with premium strips of poplar for a lightweight and smooth flex with added beech hardwood stringers tip to tail through the inserts for power transfer and durability.


    Biax fiberglass is a two-way weave of fiberglass with strands running every 90-degrees. It’s more forgiving, easier to flex and highly versatile for all terrain types.


    This extruded base with same properties of sintered quality is fast, durable and requires less waxing. We believe in using the best possible materials in our boards.


    The belt finish gets your base optimized before it’s fully waxed.


    Our progressive sidecut design blends many radii and smooth contact points for buttery smooth turn initiation, edge-to-edge transition and edge hold. It’s different for each model and matches the sidecut to the board’s specific camber profile.


    A vibration dampening rubber used between the steel edge and the sidewall. Absorbs impacts only to a very small degree, its main purpose is to act as an adhesion layer between the edge and sidewall to prevent the possibility of delamination.


SIZE [cm] 146 149 152 154 155W 156 158 159w
NOSE LENGTH [mm] 195 195 210 210 205 220 210 205
RUNNING LENGTH [mm] 1070 1100 1100 1120 1140 1120 1160 1180
TAIL LENGTH [mm] 195 195 210 210 205 220 210 205
NOSE WIDTH [mm] 282 286 290 292 297 294 295 302
WAIST WIDTH [mm] 243 247 249 251 257 253 253 260
WAIST WIDTH [inch] 9.6 9.7 9.8 9.9 10.1 10 10 10.2
TAIL WIDTH [mm] 282 286 290 292 297 294 295 302
SIDECUT RADIUS [m] 6.8 7 7 7.2 7.7 7.4 7.6 7.9
Min/Max STANCE [cm] 48/60 48/60 50/62 50/62 52/64 52/64 52/64 54/66
Min/Max STANCE [inch] 18.9/23.6 18.9/23.6 19.7/24.4 19.7/24.4 20.5/25.2 20.5/25.2 20.5/25.2 21.3/26.0
SETBACK [mm] 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
SETBACK [inch] 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
INSERTS [#] 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2
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