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Old board still rides like a champ, but you wanna jazz up that top sheet? Introducing TopART, the freshest way to pimp your ride. We know the best way to make products more sustainable is to make them last longer and we also know you Slashers like the look of something new under your feet each year. TopART brings graphics to life from our favourite artists, and it’s an easy peasy DIY job that’ll make your board stand out from the crowd.

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  • Gold: Bling bling baby with a golden glow
  • Silver: For if silver bling is your thing
  • Devil: We analyzed newest market research surveys to create with our creative creation
    department this sick graphic, throwing back to our 2013 Happy Place design making this the Slash product you really want!
  • RTC: A totally hand drawn Ryan Travis Christian original
  • Blotto: Legendary photographer Blotto has been shooting Gigi for 2 decades, so it was only natural we let him loose on TopART.
  • B&W: Junyers – @Junyers, Japan.
  • Farbig: Malov – @malov.llovarro, Barcelona.
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