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Old board still rides like a champ, but you wanna jazz up that top sheet? Introducing TopART, the freshest way to pimp your ride. We know the best way to make products more sustainable is to make them last longer and we also know you Slashers like the look of something new under your feet each year. TopART brings graphics to life from our favourite artists, and it’s an easy peasy DIY job that’ll make your board stand out from the crowd.

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  1. December 7, 2023


    (best you have someone holding the other end in place before peeling the Sticker)
    1. Place it and line it up towards the Tail with someone holding it in place
    2. Peel and begin slowly applying the Sticker by pulling off the paper
    3. Use a Magazine to press Sticker down firmly while continue pulling off the paper as you move towards the person holding against
    4. Should you have it not aligned perfectly – peel off gently and try again
    6. Cut the Sticker along the side of the Board by holding a sharp knife 45°- cut without feel of resistance
    7. Once you got it press Sticker down with your sleeve or use a cloth – using a hairdryer for best result
    8. Look for air bubbles – poke and squeeze air out if needed
    9. To finish it is important to use a file and run it thoroughly 45° along the sides and shave off excess material until smooth (a little of the Boards top sheet should appear)